Mihaela: A Day in the Life of a Female Developer

Following the spirit of International Women’s Day last Thursday, we asked one of our developers, Mihaela, to diarise a day in her life as a woman in tech to get an insight into the kind of things she gets up to. From yoga to researching ReactNative to attending evening meetups, Mihaela’s day is busy and varied! We also captured some of her day on film, which you can see in the video at the end.


The day has begun. The commute needs to be - commuted. I like to spend my train time checking my emails. I get a lot through from women in tech groups (especially from the Ada’s List network!), and it gets my head in the right frame to tackle the day. I like to start my day with uplifting, motivational news and the great stuff which is coming out of the women in tech groups is just the trick.

I also like to scroll through social media, see what’s new in the world of tech and innovation. You take your eye off the ball for three seconds and someone’s invented a flying car in this business.



In the office. In need of coffee.



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