It's Official! Connected Space are on the Cloud. The G-Cloud, that is.

The UK Government’s G Cloud is about to launch into its 10th iteration, and we’re pleased to announce that our application to be a software supplier has been successful! Going live today, our Urban Data Platform (UDP) software will be hosted and available on the G Cloud Digital Marketplace.

The G Cloud is a collaboration between the Government Digital Service and the Crown Commercial Service. It’s been designed to make the procurement process of various services much easier for the public sector bodies and local authorities who might want to buy and use them. With the G Cloud, there’s no need to run a full tender procurement process, and ultimately this means that all parties involved get the maximum value out of the relationship.

For us, having our Urban Data Platform on the G Cloud means that councils and other public sector bodies will more easily be able to access, buy, and use the software. The UDP has been created alongside Croydon Council and is a platform that showcases urban data, essentially. New and old data, like air quality, can be harnessed on this platform and local authorities will be able to use the information gathered from it much more easily. It’s a pretty innovative piece of kit, and having it easily available on the G Cloud will mean more public sector bodies across the UK will be able to make use of it.

David, our Partnerships Director, says “With the UDP now easily available on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace, we’re looking forward to partnering with more local authorities and public sector organisations to help them solve their challenges.”

For more information on the Urban Data Platform, check out the article here