RISEfestival 2018 - Croydon's Urban Arts Festival

The festival is taking place throughout Croydon until the 15th of September, and is crammed full of over 60 pieces of urban art alongside workshops, tours, parties, and talks. Curated and arranged by Croydon’s own RISEgallery, who have been committed to promoting and delivering urban art in Croydon for several years now, the festival is supported by a whole host of partners and sponsors, including Croydon Council, artist Dotmaster, Croydon Business District, Arts Council funding, and ourselves at Connected Space.

Much like for the Warhol Month last year, Connected Space have built a wayfinding app that will allow visitors to the city for RISEfestival to find their way around the multitude of outdoor art exhibits. The app also highlights the various free events taking place through the town during the festival, and show visitors where they can go to rest their feet and grab a bite to eat. In short, it’s a neat package that will allow visitors to have a smooth experience whilst they visit Croydon for RISEfestival.

The real star of the app, however, are the hidden augmented reality (AR) experiences. Artworks by Whatshisname and Schoony will appear as app-only exclusives. This means the work will appear on the screen in real-time, enabling the user to explore the pieces using the environment around them. These unique extras unlock in the app depending on the users location, and add an extra layer to the RISEfestival experience.

Art by Rich Simmons

The overall aim of RISEfestival is to celebrate urban art, an artform that is often misconstrued. There is barely a town or city in the world that does not hold some form of urban art, and it’s becoming more and more popular and recognised globally. The great thing about urban art? It’s outdoors. This means that no matter who you are, the artwork will always be free and accessible, as well as adding beauty to what potentially could be otherwise neglected areas.

RISEfestival is going to be an incredible celebration. Make sure you don’t miss it.



IOS: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/rise-festival/id1420023039?mt=8

ANDROID: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.collection.croydon