The Urban Data Platform Transforming Local Authorities Through Data

The Urban Data Platform (UDP) is, at its core, a platform that allows councils and local authorities to make better use of the data, whether that be air quality, road traffic, or flood control. Originally co-created with Croydon Council, the UDP is now available on the government’s G-Cloud 10 framework for other local authorities and Public Sector Organisations.

The UDP is designed to be simple to use, and works by utilising an intuitive map-based interface with filters to overlay the data. This provides the user visibility of what is happening across the specified location, using multiple data sources like construction, traffic, roadworks, and air quality. This valuable insight into what’s happening across specified areas can then help inform decision making processes.

For example, with Croydon currently undergoing a £5.5bn regeneration programme, the council need to keep disruptions to a minimum to allow businesses and citizens to continue their lives as normally as possible through the multi-year process. This requires careful management and planning on the councils part. Previously, they were using a variety of cross-departmental processes and tools, many of which needed significant manual data input and did not fit the requirements.

Connected Space used an Agile approach to the project, and the first step needed was to understand the challenges the council faced across several departments, as well as how the data was currently being collected and used. With this in mind, it was clear there was a need to create a solution that extended beyond the teams working on the regeneration programme, and what was actually needed was a solution that morphed across several departments.

“I’m very excited about the solution Connected Space is developing for us, it will transform the way we’re working internally, it will transform the way we work with our external partners to make the implementation of these various construction projects more seamless and cause less disturbance to our residents and businesses, helping us to keep Croydon open for business.” - Maris Puks, Croydon Council

The Urban Data Platform makes managing the data councils and Local Authorities have access to much easier. The intelligent software allows for much easier visibility of the different types of data across the specified area, and allows for better planning and more effective collaboration.

To find out more about the UDP, and to hear how the software works from those who designed it, and those who built it, check out the video below and read more at