What we do

We are extremely fortunate to be living in a time that represents the greatest technologically-driven change since the first Industrial Revolution. This brings with it unparalleled opportunities for both incremental and disruptive innovation. Products, services, experiences, ways of working and business models are all in constant flux, and this is where Connected Space comes in.

Here’s a selection of our innovation projects…


Delivering product conceptualisation, design and development of this highly innovative, market disrupting and award winning Connected Car ‘IoT’ product. Rapid proto-typing of the Front End mobile application experience and close collaboration with the API, Platform and stakeholder teams across South Korea, UK and the US.   


This citizen-centric Smart City platform, is being developed in conjunction with a range of public sector and private sector stakeholders in the UK and overseas. Leveraging our proprietary technology platform, utilizing an innovative blend of machine learning and behavioural science, and commercial product expertise, IntellCit enables innovative business models to be deployed to positively disrupt the existing global Smart City market. Ultimately this will deliver a step-change in service delivery whilst improving the lives of citizens. Yes, we’re really excited about this one!

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Innovated the UK’s market leading vehicle security product Tracker, through the co-creation of an intuitive IoT enabled mobile application that deepens the customer relationship with the core product. Developed in ReactNative, the product was deployed to the Apple and Google stores in a 3-month delivery window.



Re-engineering of this established global Fintech’s system architecture, deploying Salesforce developers and integrations across multiple legacy systems to unlock significant efficiencies and provide a platform to re-invent the user experience layer. This also saw us lead the adoption of more effective ways of working through the deployment of AGILE best practices and embedding key team members onsite.



Creation of an urban way-finder application that supports a major outdoor cultural exhibition of Andy Warhol’s works. Utilising our proprietary technology platform and development frameworks, we’re delivering innovative IoT enabled user engagement experiences alongside deep user behavioural analytics to evidence return on investment to the event sponsors.


Co-creation of a technology-inspired architectural piece, designed to be a physical and virtual manifestation of urban change. This saw the birth of the ‘Dragonfly’, a 30ft artistic installation which is embedded with Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality experiences to showcase positive urban change. Utilising our proprietary IoT technology with ARCore and ARKit to unlock new capabilities and commercial propositions.


Partnering with this award winning start-up to create the world’s fastest sports gaming product has been great fun!  We reconstructed the product strategy from the ground up, deployed elements of our technology platform to enhance scalability and secured a commercial rights agreement for China’s mobile market.